San Francisco businesses and commercial properties that are prone to vandalism and graffiti understand the struggle between budgeting for costly repairs and presenting the best impression for customers and guests. Repairing vandalism especially on expensive surfaces like metal, mirrored, and glass can really be out of budget and a major inconvenience leading to unnecessary downtime. Fortunately, anti-graffiti window film provides San Francisco property owners an affordable solution that minimizes downtime and gives guests the best impression of your business.

Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Window Films for San Francisco Businesses

Anti-graffiti film is a thick, durable film that’s installed directly onto vandalism prone surfaces. This innovative film actually conceals damage while protecting against further vandalism and graffiti. Durable enough to withstand acid corrosion, anti-graffiti film mimics the original surface giving your guests a clean, professional impression. Anti-graffiti film comes in a multitude of appearances and finishes engineered to mimic metal, mirrored, and glass surfaces. For nontraditional surfaces that are in high traffic areas that are smooth and nonporous, Graffiti Shield offers a custom film that can be individualized to imitate your original surface. After installation, if your property is vandalized again, it’s quick and easy to replace the anti-graffiti film, costing a fraction of the price of repair and replacement.

Installation Process for Anti-Graffiti Film for San Francisco Businesses

Our team of local window film experts make installation quick and stress-free. After an on-site consultation, we find the perfect investment product that matches your existing surfaces. We utilize a proprietary adhesive that makes it virtually impossible for the general public to tamper with your anti-graffiti film. It’s also invisible to the naked eye, giving your San Francisco business a clean look. Removal and replacement is a fast process as well, limiting downtime for your business.

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