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Bomb Blast Protection Benefits of Window Film for San Francisco

We live in an unpredictable world. While an event like an airstrike, terrorist attack, or violent outbreak may seem unlikely, the simple fact is that these things happen. That’s why it’s important to stay prepared. Bomb blast protection window film can provide your San Francisco office, school, or commercial building with the security and protection that you need. Bomb blast protection film is specially designed to absorb impacts from explosives, and it protects building occupants and interiors from deadly glass shards.

Experience the Best in Window Film Technology

Bomb blast protection film is one of the latest advancements in window tinting technology. This super durable, high performance security window film is specially designed to make glass resistant to extreme impacts and explosive forces. By transferring energy sideways instead of allowing it to concentrate in one area, bomb blast protection window film decreases the intensity of impacts from ballistics and explosive devices. When paired with an impact protection system, these window films are highly effective and perform well in even the most severe situations.

Protect Your Building & Occupants

The leading cause of injury during an explosion is broken glass. Explosions send broken glass flying everywhere, creating a serious hazard for those within the building. Glass shrapnel can be severe enough to destroy furniture, flooring, and electronic equipment and may even cause life-threatening injuries. While it may be impossible to control these unpredictable events, bomb blast protection film can help you stay prepared. Bomb blast protection film holds broken glass in place and mitigates damages and injuries caused by glass shrapnel.

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