Safety & Security Film in San Francisco

Safety and Security Window Film for San Francisco Properties

With the unfortunate increase in crime in recent years, residential and commercial properties throughout San Francisco require an effective security solution. There are countless security systems available that any property can take advantage of, however, they do fall short when it comes to natural disasters, smash-and-grabs, and more. Security film provides an excellent, affordable way to keep your home or business safe. This leading solution is ideal for preventing numerous threats.

About Safety and Security Window Film

Safety and security window film is an innovative film that’s applied to the weakest parts of any property– the glass doors and windows. It works by absorbing the shockwaves from an impact and bonding glass fragments together within the frame. This prevents broken glass hazards which are the leading causes of significant injury and even death. The invisible, passive 24/7 security system is ideal for defending against break-ins, smash-and-grabs, burglaries, severe weather, natural disasters, freak accidents, vandalism, and more.

The Benefits of Safety and Security Film for San Francisco Properties

This affordable security measure offers numerous benefits for any property type. The durable film enhances the strength of your glass while protecting both building occupants and valuables.

  • Lasts the lifetime of your windows
  • Prevents glass hazards
  • Makes cleanup easier and safer after an occurrence
  • Cost-effective alternative for bringing commercial properties up to code
  • Available with other leading window film benefits

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San Francisco Window Film is honored to be the preferred security film expert serving the San Francisco area. Our security team can help you improve security measures while finding the right investment and ROI. For more information, contact us today!

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