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Graffiti Shield: Money-Saving Solutions for San Francisco Commercial Properties

Graffiti Shield engineers incredible anti-graffiti surface film that offers superior durability and aesthetics that any San Francisco property can take advantage of. Experience peace of mind knowing your expensive surfaces are defended against vandalism, daily wear-and-tear, and much more.

Metal Shield

Metal Shield mimics the appearance of metal surfaces, providing unparalleled durability for scratches and even acid etching. With numerous different aesthetic options, San Francisco properties can enjoy the incredible money-saving benefits of anti-graffiti film.

  • Available in different metallic finishes
  • Easy to remove and replace by a professional
  • Protects against new damage while concealing existing damage

Glass Shield

Glass Shield is an optically clear film that can be applied to any existing glass surface for comprehensive protection. Defend against vandalism, graffiti, and daily wear-and-tear.

  • Optically clear for invisible protection
  • Defends against new damage
  • Easy to remove and replace by a professional

Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield offers a reflective appearance, mimicking the look of mirrors. Perfect for defending expensive mirrors from scratches, rust, and more– skip mirror replacement and conceal existing damage with this incredible surface film.

  • Protects against rust and corrosion from moisture exposure
  • Strong enough to withstand acid etching
  • Easy to remove and replace by a professional

Custom Shield

Custom Shield is a specialty option for nontraditional surfaces that are prone to vandalism or are located in high foot traffic areas. Available for any smooth, nonporous surface.

  • Custom printing for seamless installation
  • Same durability as other Graffiti Shield products
  • Easy to remove and replace by a professional

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