Summer is a beautiful time of year in San Francisco. You can spend beautiful sunny days hanging out at Baker Beach, strolling the trails in Golden Gate Park, enjoying a good meal on a patio of a restaurant downtown, and so much more.

But one thing’s for certain about San Francisco summers: you have to be extra cautious when it comes to UV rays. And unfortunately putting on sunscreen is just not enough. UV rays can still get to you indoors and not only damage your skin, but your furniture too.

That’s why you need UV blocking window film for your San Francisco home or building. Below, we’ve discussed some of the benefits of UV protection film and how it can keep you safe this summer.

How Window Film Can Protect You & Your Property from UV Rays

Unfortunately, UV rays aren’t present just during the summer. They’re something we’re exposed to year-round. We just come into contact with them more when we spend more time outside in direct sun. But hiding indoors won’t help you escape them either. UV rays come into our homes and buildings through our windows. That’s why it’s important to take steps to protect yourself.

Installing UV blocking window film for your San Francisco home or building is a great way to reduce your exposure to ultraviolet radiation. These window films act as a sort of filter for your windows by blocking harmful rays of light. Visible light can get through them, but 99.9% of UV rays cannot. Not only can they protect your skin and eyes, but also your floors and furniture too!

Benefits of UV Blocking Window Tint

The benefits of UV protection window films are far-reaching. You’ll enjoy plenty of natural light without the risk of being exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Some of the advantages include:

  • Protection for hardwood floors, rugs, and carpet
  • Prevents wall art, paint, and decorations from fading
  • Improves the energy efficiency of your windows, helping you save money
  • Reduces glare on your TV screen and electronics
  • Extends the lifespan of furniture

Learn more by reading this case study: UV-blocking-window-film-case-study-california

Protect Your Home or Building from the Sun

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Angus got his start in the window tinting industry shortly after he moved to San Francisco from his home in Scotland. Almost immediately after moving, he noticed the significant impact that sunlight and weather had on homes and buildings in the area. During his research, he stumbled across window film as a solution for controlling the climate and atmosphere in indoor spaces. Now, Angus has been working in the window tinting industry for over ten years and has installed window film on all types of properties in the San Francisco area, ranging from office buildings, retail stores, and schools to apartments and single family homes. His expertise and product knowledge on the various types of security, energy saving, and decorative window film on the market give him the ability to select the perfect solution for every property based on the unique needs of the building itself as well as the building owner.