In a world where natural resources are quickly dwindling, energy efficiency is important. As is such, many property owners, both residential and commercial alike, are turning to various methods to help reduce their energy consumption. One of the most popular methods is solar control window film.

For San Francisco, solar control window film is becoming increasingly popular due to the increased cost of living. After, all the less money one spend ons electricity, the more funds are available for other necessities.

Solar control window film is a very beneficial tool to have. Not only can it make your property more energy efficient, it also provides many other advantages as well like glare reduction, safety, uv protection, and more.

How Solar Control Window Film Works

Solar control window film uses what’s called spectrally selective technology to reject and regulate heat transfer. You see, heat passes very easily through single pane glass. During the summer, heat flows into your cool building while during the winter it escapes through the windows. Solar control film reduces the amount of heat that’s able to pass through your windows, keeping your space at the temperature you desire.

But the real magic is that it does all of this without blocking natural light. That’s where the spectrally selective technology comes in. Window film separates the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing only visible light to pass through while heat causing rays are blocked, essentially keeping heat out while letting the bright sunlight in.

Glare Reduction San Francisco

Glare Reduction in San Francisco Film

3 Incredible Benefits of Solar Control Window Film

Here are just some of the many ways San Francisco property owners can benefit from solar control window film:

1.Solar control window film reduces up to 30% of energy costs.
That’s right, with window film, you can cut down your energy expenses by as much as one third of the usual cost.

2. Window film protects against damaging uv rays.
Uv rays are ruthless. They cause major damage to your skin, eyes, and furniture. Window film keeps nasty uv radiation outdoors where it belong.

3. Solar control film reduces glare and improves productivity.
Window tint eliminates up to 78% of glare and is shown to improve office productivity, raise student test scores, and improve occupant comfort.

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