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Security Window Film San Francisco Schools

At San Francisco Window Film, we understand the paramount importance of creating a safe and secure environment for schools in San Francisco. In today’s challenging times, it is crucial to implement effective security measures to protect students, teachers, and staff from potential threats. Our school security window film solutions offer a reliable and proactive approach to enhancing safety, providing additional response time, and delaying intruders.

What Security Challenges Are San Francisco Schools Facing?

San Francisco schools have been facing a series of violent incidents involving youth, including gun and knife possession on campus, as well as false reports of active shooters. The district and city officials have proposed solutions to improve security, such as expanding violence interruption programs, increasing support from social workers, and increasing safety presence around schools. Behavior issues have also been reported since schools reopened after pandemic closures. While school shootings are rare, school violence can also include more covert behaviors that increase fear and diminish school safety, such as threats of injury or weapons on campus.

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Addressing Security Concerns in San Francisco Schools

San Francisco schools face security concerns, particularly regarding gun violence. Recent instances of school shootings in our city have reminded us of the critical need for robust security measures. It is our shared responsibility to prioritize the safety of our educational institutions and take proactive steps to mitigate risks.

Security Film Options for San Francisco Schools

We offer comprehensive security film options for San Francisco schools.

Basic Security Film

Our Basic Security Film offers an economical option to strengthen window glass, providing an added layer of protection. With a single layer of standard security film applied to the interior, it increases response time by approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute, allowing for crucial evacuation procedures.

Premium Security Film

Experience enhanced durability and tear-resistance with our Premium Security Film. Utilizing advanced carbon fiber, cross-weave technology, this solution offers exceptional strength. A single layer of premium security film, along with an anchoring system recommended, increases response time by approximately 30 seconds to 3 minutes, providing valuable time to initiate emergency protocols.

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Dual Premium Security Film (Interior & Exterior)

For schools with dual-pane glazing, we recommend our Dual Premium Security Film. By applying premium security film to both the interior and exterior, along with an anchoring system, we can significantly increase response time by approximately 3 minutes or more. This comprehensive solution offers enhanced protection for your school’s unique needs.

Bomb Blast Resistant Film

Safeguard your school against potential bomb blasts with our Bomb Blast Resistant Film. Designed for both single and dual-pane applications, this premium security window film, along with an anchoring system, increases flexibility and shatter resistance of glass. Applied to the interior and exterior (recommended), it provides an added layer of defense against extreme threats.

Ballistic Resistant Security Film

When it comes to protecting against firearm-related incidents, our Ballistic Resistant Security Film offers unparalleled defense. Featuring thicker glass and three layers of security window film, this solution is designed to protect against crimes committed with 9mm handguns or below. While it is not suitable for assault rifles, it significantly increases response time and ballistic resistance of glass when applied to both the interior and exterior.

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Crucial Factors to Consider for School Security

Implementing security film solutions requires careful consideration of specific factors to maximize effectiveness:

Single or Double-Pane Windows

The type of windows in your school significantly impacts response time during emergencies. For single-pane glass, we recommend a double layer of security film to enhance protection and increase response time.

Side Doors and Points of Entry

While windows are important, intruders often target entryway doors. Extend your security measures to side doors, back doors, sidelights, and other vulnerable points of entry to ensure comprehensive protection for your school.

Interior/Exterior Locking Doors

Enhance the security of your school entrance by applying security film to both interior and exterior locking doors. This dual layer of defense, especially when combined with automatically locking mechanisms, provides an additional barrier against unauthorized entry.

Protection for Front Desk

Prioritize the protection of your school’s front desk area to facilitate immediate activation of lockdown measures upon threat identification. Securing this critical location ensures swift response and safeguards the safety of your staff and students.

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Resources for San Francisco Schools

As part of our commitment to supporting school security efforts, we provide the following resources:

Legislation on School Security

Stay informed about recent legislation in San Francisco concerning school security. We share valuable information about relevant bills passed in response to school shootings, enabling you to align your security measures with the latest requirements.

  • The San Francisco Unified School District has a comprehensive crisis plan in the event of any emergency, and schools also have security measures to ensure the well-being of students. 
  • Schools in San Francisco can also check with their local and state authorities for any recent legislation on school security.


School Security Consultants

Consider the expertise of our school security consultants. They can evaluate your campus, provide professional guidance, and assist in selecting the most suitable security film options tailored to your school’s specific needs.

  • Kroll: Kroll is a global leader in risk management and security consulting services. They offer certified security consultants and engineers that design and oversee cutting-edge security systems for commercial buildings and schools.
  • Security By Design, Inc.: Security By Design, Inc. is an independent consulting firm that specializes in security consulting services for commercial buildings and schools
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Bullet Resistant Standards

Gain insights into bullet-resistant and blast-resistant glass standards. We cover performance criteria, design elements, and varying levels of protection to help you make informed decisions when choosing the right security film for your school.

Demonstration Videos

Watch our demonstration videos showcasing the effectiveness of security film in deterring armed intruders. These videos highlight the significant difference in breaking time between treated and untreated glass, demonstrating the powerful defense provided by our security film solutions.

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Secure Your San Francisco School with Window Film

At San Francisco Window Film, we are committed to creating safer educational environments. Our school security window film solutions provide crucial response time and act as a deterrent against potential threats. Take proactive steps to protect your students, teachers, and staff by calling us today. Together, let’s strengthen school security and ensure a brighter future for our community.

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