Window Film for San Francisco Hotels & Hospitality

For the past several years, San Francisco Window Film has been the premier commercial window tinting contractor in the San Francisco metro area. We’ve partnered with many hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, and hospitality business owners in the San Francisco area on projects located in both the downtown vicinity of the city as well as the outlying suburbs. Our team has a over a decade of experience working in the window tinting industry and are excellent at finding the right type and style of film to meet each hotel’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking to refinish the exterior of your historic property or are looking for a way to cut energy costs for your hotel, we’re confident that we can help you find the solution you need.

How can my hotel benefit from window film?

Window tinting offers an easy and affordable way to upgrade the windows of your hotel without making any structural changes or renovations and it’s highly energy efficient. In fact, there are many hotels across the country that use window film simply because it’s a very low cost solution and can also save a lot of money on expenses in the long run.

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Though energy savings are one of the main benefits of installing window film for your hotel, tinting can actually prove to be beneficial for a variety of reasons including:

  • Climate control: Tinting improves the comfort of hotel rooms and provides guests with a better experience.
  • Lower operating costs: Tinting saves money on energy costs, mirror/metal restoration, and exterior refinishing.
  • Aesthetics: Adding a decorative or reflective film to your windows can make your hotel look newer, more modern, and visually appealing.
  • Safety: Security window systems protect hotel guests, staff, and visitors from hazardous conditions like natural disasters, intruders, and accidents.

Window Tinting Options for Hotels
There are many different window film types and styles that are well-suited for hotel and hospitality use but some of the most popular options for hotels in the San Francisco area include:

  • Exterior window film
  • Privacy/frosted window film
  • Decorative window film
  • Safety/security window systems
  • Energy saving window films
  • Uv protection film

Install Window Tint for Your San Francisco Hotel
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