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Window Film for San Francisco Mass Transit, Airports & Buses

Operating a transit system in a large city can be hectic at times. Fortunately, here at San Francisco Window Film, we have a solution that can help: window tinting. Window film keeps San Francisco airports, buses, and light rails safe, energy efficient, and comfortable for passengers. It’s a low-maintenance, affordable investment to make, and on average, it pays off in three years or less. Window film offers all-around benefits for everyone, including transit owners, passengers, and staff. With window film, you can protect your transit system from UV rays, vandalism, and violent attacks while saving money on energy costs and repairs.

Window Film Benefits for Mass Transit

Whether you manage a bus line, airport, or railway, window tinting can provide you with the solution you need to upgrade your transit system and make traveling enjoyable for passengers. Window film offers a wide variety of benefits for transit systems, including:

Privacy: Window tinting protects traveler privacy and is perfect for restrooms, private screening rooms, and secure areas.

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Energy savings: Having your windows tinted can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and lower your energy costs.

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Graffiti protection: Anti-graffiti film keeps bus stops, metal signs, and transit cars free of graffiti, allowing them to look newer for a longer period of time.

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Safety/security: Security window systems protect passengers from injuries caused by natural disasters, accidents, explosions, and broken glass.

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Comfort: Window film prevents buildings from being too hot or cold throughout the entire year and keeps passengers comfortable while travelling.

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Window Tinting Options for Transit Systems

There are many different types and styles of commercial window film that look good and perform well on transit systems. Some of the most popular choices for buses, airports, trains, and light rails include:

  • Ballistic resistant window systems
  • Bomb blast protection film
  • Decorative/frosted film
  • Mirror & metal shield film
  • Spectrally selective tint
  • Building wraps
  • Many other options

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