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Anti-Graffiti Benefits of Window Film for San Francisco

Graffiti protection is one of the lesser known benefits of window film, but it’s perhaps one of the most valuable, especially for commercial property owners in the San Francisco area where property crime rates are on the rise. Anti-graffiti films are a smart, low-cost way for San Francisco businesses to prevent vandalism and keep their property clean and graffiti free. These highly durable surface films allow business owners to repair vandalized, tagged, or scratched surfaces in an easy, affordable manner without having to incur the expense of replacing damaged fixtures.

About Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti film is a relatively new type of window film that came into existence within the past couple years. Also referred to as surface films, anti-graffiti films are thick, protective films that are applied to surfaces, furniture, and fixtures to conceal signs of graffiti, wear and tear, corrosion, or damage. The film mimics the appearance of the surface it’s applied on, allowing it to blend in perfectly with the rest of the structure. These films are available in a wide variety of finishes, but the most popular are stainless steel, aluminum, and mirrored/reflective.

Why Anti-Graffiti Film for San Francisco?

Property crimes have become an increasing problem in the San Francisco area in the past few years, most commonly manifesting in the form of graffiti. The targets of these crimes are almost always commercial properties, public areas, and mass transit systems. Graffiti damages are usually permanent and are expensive to repair since the entire piece of furniture, equipment, or metal often has to be replaced. That’s where anti-graffiti film comes in. Anti-graffiti film offers a more cost friendly alternative to replacement. Simply apply the film to the damaged area to conceal signs of scratching, etching, marker, or paint.

Anti-Graffiti Film Applications

Because anti-graffiti films are available in a variety of options and can even be custom cut or designed, they can be used for virtually any surface or application. However, some of the most common applications for anti-graffiti film include:

  • Elevators, escalators, and stairways
  • Restroom partitions and mirrors
  • Metal signage and maps
  • Buses, light rails, and other transit
  • Metal display cases and more

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