Window Film for San Francisco Schools, Colleges & Universities

San Francisco Window Film is proud to offer professional window film installation for schools, colleges, and universities in the San Francisco area. Our team has a vast amount of experience working on commercial window film installs for schools in the San Francisco area, and we’re fully prepared to do any type of project! Whether you need a way to improve your school’s security, appearance, or energy efficiency, we can provide the solution you need.

How Can Schools Save Money with Window Film?

Window film can help schools save money in a variety of ways. In San Francisco, temperatures are generally warm all year, but toward the later months of the year, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to drop into the lower 40s due to the city’s location right off the bay. This can be problematic for schools because they generally require HVAC use the entire year. For this, window film offers a solution. Window tinting can help schools save money on energy costs by stabilizing interior temperatures and increasing HVAC efficiency.

In addition to these energy saving films, there are also a variety of window tinting products like anti-graffiti film, decorative film, and even whiteboard films that can help schools save money on repairs and renovations. Window tinting is a much more affordable alternative to window replacement, and it doesn’t require expensive construction or structural changes.

Additional Benefits of Window Tinting for Schools

In addition to saving money, window tinting benefits schools in a variety of ways. With one simple installation, faculty and students can enjoy a safe, clean, and fun environment because of the following benefits:

Graffiti prevention: Anti-graffiti films protect school bathrooms, buses, and exterior surfaces from being scratched, dented, or vandalized.

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Safety/security: In case an accident or natural disaster occurs, security window films can help prevent staff and students from being injured by broken glass.

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Ballistic resistance: Ballistic resistant window systems keep schools safe during emergencies and violent attacks.

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Exterior resurfacing: Chips, cracks, and scratches are easily concealed with exterior resurfacing films.

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Decoration: Window film makes decorating your school easy, fun, and affordable.

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