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San Francisco Window Film is proud to be the leading source for commercial and residential window tinting in the city of Oakland, California. We are the largest and most highly regarded window tinting contractor in the state of California, and we operate in all areas of Oakland, including the neighborhoods of Oakland Hills, Lake Merritt, West Oakland, and the central business district. Whether you’re looking for energy saving window tint, decorative film, or a security window system, we can provide you with the right window film to meet all your architectural needs.

Window Tinting Benefits for Oakland

Home to the Oakland Raiders, Berkeley, and a growing arts and culinary scene, Oakland undoubtedly sets itself apart as an attractive place to own a home or business. However, recent population expansion, gentrification, and climate changes have posed challenges to those living in the Oakland metro area, causing many building owners to have to make adjustments and renovations to their buildings.

Our window films offer a solution that can help you affordably renovate your home or business, protect your property, and save money on energy costs. Here are just some of the many window tinting benefits for those in the Oakland area:

Energy savings & climate control: Oakland’s close proximity to the San Francisco bridge exposes it to the conditions of bay weather, causing residents to experience higher than normal energy costs. Window tint saves money on utility costs and improves indoor comfort.

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Safety/security: Security window films protect Oakland homes and businesses from theft, vandalism, and natural disasters to provide comfort and peace of mind.

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Decoration & privacy: As buildings are being built closer together, the need for privacy has become more urgent for many homes and businesses. Decorative window film offers a solution for adding privacy to your building and is a great way to promote your business and increase brand awareness.

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