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V-Kool Premium Window Film For San Francisco Homes And Businesses

Whether you’re at home or in your workplace, windows play a huge role in your daily life. They affect the way you work, live, and play. As a result, they must be effective at protecting you from inclement weather, heat and cold, and the sun’s harmful UV rays. V-Kool is a unique solution to the many issues that arise from the sun shining on your windows, and it has added benefits like privacy and security.

About V-Kool Window Film


Energy efficiency: In the summer, solar heat gain in any area of the country, even here in San Francisco, can lead to high air conditioning costs. V-Kool is a solution that greatly reduces the buildup of heat, thereby lowering energy costs and virtually eliminating hot and cold spots in your home or office.

Safety and security: V-Kool stands up to harmful UV rays, those looking to do your property harm, and natural disasters. It offers both sun protection and impact protection from flying debris, high winds, other natural disasters, and break-ins.

Glare reduction: Glare through windows, especially in the afternoon, makes some rooms in your home or commercial building practically unusable. But with V-Kool window tint, you can take back those rooms and enjoy them once again. This is because V-Kool blocks 99% of the sun’s rays while still allowing in over 70% of visible light, letting you fully enjoy the lovely San Francisco views day and night.

Fade reduction: Although UV radiation makes up only 3% of the sun’s rays, it is the chief cause of fading and deterioration in valuable carpets, draperies, and other home furnishings. UV rays are also a known cause of melanoma. Clear glass blocks only 33% of the sun’s UV rays, so V-Kool, which blocks 99% of these rays, is a health-conscious choice.

The Unmatched Clarity Of V-Kool

Many window films have a reputation for making your windows dark, acting like a mirror, and blocking out the desired natural light. This ends up making rooms darker, distorting your views, and giving a shiny appearance to your home or business from inside and out. However, V-Kool is not like other window tints. In fact, it is not tinted at all. It’s a clear window film, allowing in 70% of all visible sunlight while blocking 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays.

V-Kool’s Performance

Beyond being a beautiful product, the efficiency of V-Kool is unmatched in the window film industry.

V-Kool comes in four variations:
• V-Kool 40 – Blocks 65% of the sun’s heat
• V-Kool 70 – Blocks 55% of the sun’s heat
• V-Kool 75 – Blocks 44% of the sun’s heat
• V-Kool – Blocks 55% of the sun’s heat

V-Kool Product Spec Sheets

Explore the details about V-Kool’s unparalleled aesthetics and performance in the product fact sheets below:

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