Energy Saving Benefits of Window Film in San Francisco

Window film provides San Francisco home and business owners with an easy, affordable solution for saving money on energy costs all year. By increasing the insulating power of your windows, window film helps to stabilize interior temperatures and improve HVAC efficiency, keeping your money where it belongs: in your pocket. With just one simple installation, you can enjoy a more comfortable and energy efficient space that will save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs annually.

How It Works

Window film uses something called “low-e” technology to regulate the amount of heat that’s transferred through the windows of your home or business. During the summer, it blocks out infrared light that causes excess solar heat gain and discomfort. During the winter, it reflects radiant heat inward, optimizing your comfort and energy efficiency. It’s such an effective energy saving solution that it allows most building owners to receive a full ROI in three years or less.

Save Money on Energy Costs

When the temperature gets too hot or cold outside, it can be hard for your HVAC system to keep up, resulting in higher than necessary utility costs. Window film offers a more affordable and equally effective alternative to window replacement and helps save money on energy costs year round. It evens out hot and cold spots and stabilizes temperatures to make your HVAC system run more effectively, saving up to 30% on heating and cooling costs.

Stay Comfortable Indoors

Dealing with the bay weather can be difficult at times. Many San Francisco residents tend to experience discomfort as a result of hot summer weather, damp fog, and a warm, humid environment indoors. That’s where window film comes in. Window film optimizes indoor temperatures and regulates heat transfer to provide you with a space that’s comfortable and enjoyable to be in no matter what the weather or temperature is outside.

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