Drywired Liquid NanoTint: Clear, Energy Efficient Window Tint

Experience maximum energy savings without blocking out natural light or obstructing views with Drywired Liquid NanoTint for your San Francisco home or office. Liquid NanoTint offers an alternative to conventional window films that improves window insulation and saves money on energy costs without altering the clarity or appearance of your windows. This clear “window tint” is applied to the glass surfaces of your building to make your space more energy efficient and comfortable. And because it comes in liquid form, it’s perfect for buildings with textured glass, skylights, bent glass, and historic architecture.

About Liquid NanoTint

Liquid NanoTint is a liquid substance that’s designed to improve the insulation and overall performance of your windows. By using the power of a solvent-borne metal oxide particles and an inorganic adhesive binder, Liquid NanoTint adheres directly to glass and makes your windows more energy efficient by blocking out infrared heat and UV radiation that cause solar heat gain and fading. And because it’s a liquid substance, it’s easy to install and can be applied to any glass surface just like paint.

Liquid NanoTint Benefits
Whether you’re looking to save money on energy costs or are concerned about the effects of uv rays on your furniture or flooring, Nanotint can provide you with the solution you need. Nanotint offers a variety of benefits for both homeowners and businesses including:

Non RF blocking: Nanotint is one of the very few window films that does not block RF/EMR frequencies, making it ideal for government and military buildings.

Energy efficiency: Nanotint mitigates radiant and conductive heat, providing year round comfort and energy savings.

Rapid installation: Drying time for Nanotint is shorter than traditional window films, providing a faster, easier installation process.

Durability: Unlike conventional window tint, Nanotint is highly durable and will not crack, peel, or fade over time.
No distortion: NanoTint is 100% clear and does not alter the appearance of your windows or reduce visible light transmission.

Liquid NanoTint Product Spec Sheets

Install Liquid NanoTint for Your San Francisco Building
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