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Installation Process

At San Francisco Window Film, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service to our customers. This includes everything from exceptional customer support to providing our clients with the best products and installation services. Our trusted installation process allows us to install window film that looks beautiful and lasts over the years.

Step One: Onsite Consultation
Before we begin any work on your building, we visit you onsite to provide you with a thorough consultation. During this time, one of our experienced staff members will meet with you and discuss your goals for your project. We may also take measurements and recommend different window tinting products based on your needs.

Step Two: Preparation
Once you’ve decided to proceed with your project, we schedule an appointment for the installation and commence preparations at our workshop. We cut all of the window film based on your window’s measurements in our workshop so that it’s 100% ready to be installed on your building. Not only does this help expedite the installation process, but it also reduces product waste, which makes our services more environmentally friendly.

Step Three: Installation
We arrive at your home or place of business to install the film. During the installation process, we use C-Bond to prime all of the glass and reinforce the film.* The film is installed, and the excess primer is carefully removed using a squeegee. All of the glass is cleaned, and the window film is allowed to set. After the primer dries, the installation is complete.

*Projects without C-Bond primer may take a longer time for the window film to set and achieve full clarity.

Why We Use C-Bond

San Francisco Window Film is proud to carry both C-Bond I and C-Bond II window film primer. We recommend C-Bond I as a window film primer for most installs because we believe that it tends to provide longer lasting and better looking results. C-Bond not only expedites the installation process and allows you to enjoy the benefits of your window film sooner, but it also protects your investment. C-Bond works at the molecular level to strengthen glass, thus making window film stronger and more secure. With C-Bond, your windows are protected against:

  • Rocks cast off from lawnmowers and yard work
  • Flying debris and golf balls
  • High-speed winds
  • Break-ins and intruders
  • Potential impacts and damage

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If you would like to learn more about our installation process or have questions about our window tinting products, please contact our office. One of our staff members would be more than happy to assist you and provide you with the information you need.

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