Elevator Refinishing Benefits of Window Film for San Francisco

One of the lesser known benefits of window film is mirror and metal restoration. Special types of window film, called surface films, are designed to mimic the appearance of mirror and metal and can be applied to structures like elevators, escalators, and stairs to conceal signs of damage or wear. At San Francisco Window Film, we carry a wide range of surface window films that are perfect for refinishing elevators in hotels, retail stores, and commercial buildings. Our mirror and metal restoration films can restore your elevator to make it look shiny and brand new once again, all at a fraction of the price of replacement.

Save money on elevator repairs.

Elevators cost of thousands and when damaged can be expensive to repair or replace. But by using window film to restore scratched, corroded, or damaged surfaces on your elevator, you can save hundreds of dollars on repairs. Surface films are a much more affordable alternative to elevator replacement and are a longer lasting solution too. These films are very thick and highly durable which gives them the ability to protect underlying surfaces. They are also easier to maintain. If the film gets tagged or scratched, it can simply be removed and replaced by a professional to make your elevator look brand new once again.

Discreetly conceal scratches & graffiti.
Many business owners avoid dents, scratches, and marks on their elevator because they do not wish to incur the hefty costs of replacement, but do not realize that they are doing so at the cost of their reputation. Scratches and graffiti can make your elevator look unclean and unsafe to use and may deter people from visiting your store or place of business. With surface film, you can discreetly conceal these types of damages and hide them from the public eye. Surface film is applied directly on top of the damaged areas of your elevator to cover up signs of graffiti and wear. With one simple application, you can completely restore your elevator and make your space look newer and more appealing to your customers.

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