C-Bond: Impact Resistant Security Window Systems

When danger comes your way, you need protection you can count on to keep your building and occupants safe. That’s why you need C-Bond window film systems. C-Bond window film systems provide San Francisco schools, businesses, government buildings, and military buildings with advanced security and disaster protection. These highly evolved window systems work to strengthen glass at the molecular level and protect building interiors and occupants from ballistic forces, explosives, and other high impact forces.

About C-Bond

C-Bond is a ballistic resistant film system that’s designed to strengthen glass and mitigate damages and injuries caused by firearms, explosives, glass shards, and other high impact forces. C-Bond primer is applied directly to the glass, where it penetrates deep into the pores and works to alter it at the molecular level to eliminate microscopic flaws and defects, making windows stronger and less vulnerable to shattering. When combined with multiple layers of security window film, C-Bond window film systems have been proven to be incredibly resistant to impacts and effective in mitigating damage caused by even the most severe forces.

C-Bond Benefits

C-Bond delivers the best impact protection for your building and offers a variety of benefits for commercial and government building owners, including:

Ballistic resistance: C-Bond is validated to provide NIJ Level I, Level II, Level IIA and UL 752 ballistic protection and strengthens glass by up to 250%.

Impact protection: C-Bond is comprised of carbon nanotubes that are 100 times stronger than steel, giving glass the ability to withstand high winds, gunshots, firearms, and explosives.

Nontoxic: C-Bond is an environmentally friendly, nontoxic, water-based solution.

Superior installation: C-Bond improves the performance of window film products and expedites installation time by filling capillary voids that impede proper adhesion.

C-Bond Product Spec Sheet

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