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Solyx: Stunning Decorative & Privacy Window Film

San Francisco Window Film is proud to partner with Solyx to provide premium decorative window film for San Francisco and the surrounding area. Solyx decorative and privacy window films have a stunning appearance that makes it easy to enhance building aesthetics and interior design. Designed specifically for interior glass applications, Solyx window films make conference rooms, personal offices, and lobby areas come to life with sophisticated style, vibrancy, and beauty.

Solyx Window Film Benefits

Whether you’re redesigning your home or need a way to create privacy in your office, Solyx window film can provide you with the solution you need. Solyx window films offer a variety of benefits for both residential and commercial properties including:

Affordable: Solyx window films achieve exactly the same effect as laminated panels and custom glass and cost only a fraction of the price.

Variety: Solyx films are available in a wide range of types and styles including popular options like frosted, sandblasted, and textured/patterned varieties.

Privacy: Solyx decorative films add privacy to meeting rooms, waiting areas, and guest/tenant rooms and create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

Versatility: Solyx films can be made to size or cut to fit any wall, window, or surface in your building.

Window Tinting Options with Solyx
Solyx window films are available in a wide range of styles and finishes so you can achieve the perfect look for your space. Add one or more of the following styles to your home, office, restaurant, hotel, hospital, or commercial property for a stunning appearance:

  • Patterned & gradient privacy films
  • Static film clings
  • Multi colored films
  • Frosted & etched films
  • Stained glass films
  • One way visibility films
  • Writeable films
  • Many other options

Solyx Decorative Window Film Product Spec Sheets

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Are you interested in installing Solyx window film for your home, office, or commercial space? Call San Francisco Window Film! We carry the largest selection of Solyx and decorative window film in the San Francisco area. Let our team go to work to transform the appearance of your building!

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