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Solar Gard Window Film: Sustainable Home & Workplace Solutions

Solar Gard Window Films provide San Francisco property owners with an eco-friendly, sustainable option for window tinting for their home or business. Solar Gard Window Films are created by Saint-Gobain, a global-wide company that’s spent years inventing and creating products designed to promote environmental protection and address issues with consumption and the world’s growing population. Solar Gard Window Films are innovative for both their performance and versatility, and can be used to address a variety of building concerns, from excess summer energy use to protection against uv radiation and criminal break-ins. Superior adhesives, clarity, and color make Solar Gard an exceptional choice for guarding your property from solar heat and outdoor threats.

Go Green & Experience the Benefits of Solar Gard

Today, we are already beginning to experience the consequences of climate change. Most people are aware of the importance of green technology, but aren’t sure how to limit resource consumption in their day to day lives. Solar Gard presents a viable solution for San Francisco residents seeking a way to reduce their carbon footprint and live in a more sustainable manner. By choosing Solar Gard, you are doing your part to protect the environment, conserve energy, and can also enjoy the luxuries of premium window tinting.

Warranty & Durability: Solar Gard Window Films are produced using durable polyester backed by lasting adhesives. An impressive industry warranty provides property owners with added peace of mind.

Comprehensive Protection: Whether your concern is graffiti, the sun’s heat, earthquakes, floods, or criminals, Solar Gard Window Films can provide you with the solution you need to improve the safety and security of your property.

Solar Gard Prioritizes the Environment

When you choose Solar Gard for your San Francisco home or business, you attain the peace of mind knowing that you’re investing your money in a solution that helps keep the environment safe. Solar Gard Window Films are manufactured with the environment in mind, and maintain strict adherence to earth-friendly and sustainable practices. Saint Gobain continually seeks new ways to reduce carbon emissions and make their products healthier for both people and the environment.

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