As the summer months continue, cooling costs can be at an all-time high for office buildings. Keeping your office cool should always be a top priority in order to keep your employees productive and comfortable. Happy employees can accomplish so much more. Company owners shouldn’t have to sacrifice high energy costs in order to keep their employees happy. Energy efficiency should be a top priority, especially for commercial properties. Start saving money and control temperatures inside your San Francisco office building.

The Advantages of Energy Efficient Window Film for Your San Francisco Office

Energy efficient window film is an affordable, timely resolution for saving money on high utility bills. Window replacement requires substantial installation times and high financial investment which can lead to operational downtime. Window film can be quickly installed, minimizing downtime for your office. With similar results, window film can change single paned windows into double paned windows. The solar heat rejection properties are great for blocking the unwanted sun and reducing heat gain in your office. The insulating factor optimizes your cooling efforts. You can experience year-round savings with this great ROI. Offices typically experience a full return on investment within a few years. With UV blocking and glare reducing properties, this all-in-one solution is great for addressing all your office needs.

Work with San Francisco’s Leading Energy Efficiency Experts

San Francisco Window Film is honored to be the leading energy efficiency experts in the San Francisco area. We work with offices throughout the city to help them save money and create more functional workspaces for their employees. Enjoy incredible solutions for improving energy efficiency. We offer energy audits as well to provide exact product ROIs and a better understanding of your energy usage.

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Angus Faith

Angus got his start in the window tinting industry shortly after he moved to San Francisco from his home in Scotland. Almost immediately after moving, he noticed the significant impact that sunlight and weather had on homes and buildings in the area. During his research, he stumbled across window film as a solution for controlling the climate and atmosphere in indoor spaces. Now, Angus has been working in the window tinting industry for over ten years and has installed window film on all types of properties in the San Francisco area, ranging from office buildings, retail stores, and schools to apartments and single family homes. His expertise and product knowledge on the various types of security, energy saving, and decorative window film on the market give him the ability to select the perfect solution for every property based on the unique needs of the building itself as well as the building owner.