Homes in San Francisco cost a lot of money to buy and keep up so it makes sense that homeowners here in the pricey Bay Area are always looking for ways to cut bills. Luckily there are a few ways to do this and window tinting is one of them. But what you don’t want to do is cut corners on your film. In fact, when it comes to window film–going cheaper is not a great idea. Especially because if you spend just a few more dollars per square foot you can get incredibly effective film–solving just about any issue you are having on the windows of your San Francisco home.

Issues with Cheap Window Film

  1. Cheap window film may not block all the UV rays. The visible light spectrum is made up of various rays. Some are very harmful others are fine. Cheap film may only block 70% UV. While, some more expensive films block 99.9% UVA, UVB, and UV. 
  2. Cheap window doesn’t look great. The tints almost always look too dark or metallic. So you will end up both blocking out the views of your lovely San Francisco neighborhood and make your home windows look ugly.
  3. Cheap window film does not come with very good warranties–some none at all. When you opt for more premium window films–the better protection you get from malfunction and break down. Also, a reputable window film installer will likely have a work guarantee.
  4. .Cheap window films will bubble and peel in short order. More expensive films, applied by a true professional–won’t have this issue. We only carry tried and true window films for this very reason. 
  5. Cheap window film doesn’t really come with many options. Since your choices are limited you may be throwing money out buying something you don’t really like. This is especially true of decorative window film. 

With so many affordable window films option available for your San Francisco home–there really is no reason to cut corners and buy cheap film. We typically don’t carry films at this lower price point for this very reason. Contact us to start a conversation on window film price points for your home today.

Angus got his start in the window tinting industry shortly after he moved to San Francisco from his home in Scotland. Almost immediately after moving, he noticed the significant impact that sunlight and weather had on homes and buildings in the area. During his research, he stumbled across window film as a solution for controlling the climate and atmosphere in indoor spaces. Now, Angus has been working in the window tinting industry for over ten years and has installed window film on all types of properties in the San Francisco area, ranging from office buildings, retail stores, and schools to apartments and single family homes. His expertise and product knowledge on the various types of security, energy saving, and decorative window film on the market give him the ability to select the perfect solution for every property based on the unique needs of the building itself as well as the building owner.