With overall crime rates up, property crime has also been on the rise in the area. Businesses throughout the city are looking for ways to save money, protect their valuables, and limit unforeseen repairs. For those interested in a multi-purpose solution, these can be few in far between. While there may be some preventative security measures that help lower crime, these measures fall short when it comes to actually prevent property damage. Anti-graffiti window film delivers a great option with numerous benefits for you to take advantage of. Here are three ways you can use anti-graffiti surface film for your San Francisco business.

The Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Your San Francisco Property

  1. Graffiti and vandalism protection: Anti-graffiti surface film’s original purpose is to provide a thick layer of protection for expensive commercial surfaces like metal, mirrored, and glass. The durable film can even withstand acid etching, helping prevent further damage. The sacrificial layer can be replaced by a professional window film contractor once damaged and is meant to take the impact rather than your original surfaces.
  2. Restoration for commercial surfaces: For everything from elevators to custom smooth, non-porous surfaces, Graffiti Shield can double as a way to restore these surfaces. If you have any metal, mirrored, or another smooth surface that’s been scratched or some mild to moderate damage, these films can be utilized to conceal the damage while also providing further protection.
  3. Daily wear and tear: If you have expensive surfaces located in high-traffic areas prone to daily wear and tear, these anti-graffiti films are also a great way to defend these. Present your best foot forward.

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