Solar Window Film for Warmer Winter Interiors

Although it may appear that winter is the ideal time to forego solar films, this couldn’t be further from reality. In fact, our San Francisco experiences its most intense sunlight of the year during this season! Specifically on south-facing windows, resulting in uncomfortable warmth even when days are frigid. Glare issues also arise with these windows, which let in too much light and UV radiation damaging furniture over time. Solar film can help prevent such incidences by reducing heat gain and blocking ultraviolet rays entering your home – all while keeping energy costs low! 

Window Film Solutions for Winter Glare and More

Eliminate the worry of excess sunlight and heat radiation by installing window film. Solar films are particularly advantageous for energy savings, as their insulating quality helps minimize lost warmth through glass surfaces. To maximize effectiveness, consider investing in high-quality window films and enlisting a skilled technician to install them correctly.

With decades of experience in the solar film industry, we guarantee that your window films will be installed correctly and effectively to bring you their anticipated benefits all year long. When you trust us with this critical job, know that our expertise is what makes it possible for you to reap these valuable rewards.

How does Solar Window Film Work?

Did you know that Solar Window Films exist to protect your home from the sun’s harsh glare and heat? We are here today to discuss two specific types of films: Low-E window films, and ceramic window films. Both offer similar benefits in terms of blocking out sunlight while maintaining clarity inside your house; however, they differ slightly in their composition as well as how they achieve this feat.

Low-E Solar Window Film in San Francisco 

Low-E window film is an efficient way to reduce the amount of UV and IR radiation entering a building, which are responsible for most of the heat gain during warm or cold seasons. This thin layer consists of polyester or other polymeric materials coated with either aluminum or titanium – metals that have reflective properties resulting in solar energy being reflected off windows surfaces. Utilizing this technology ensures you maximize your buildings’ comfort levels without compromising on design elements.

The amount of reflection a Low-E film produces depends on its visible light transmission (VLT). The lower the VLT number, the more heat it will block. No matter how much heat is reflected, most Low-E films still manage to stop up to 99% of solar energy. As an added benefit, these coatings also reduce glare and improve indoor climate control while maximizing energy efficiency.

Ceramic Window Film For Sun Control in San Francisco

Ceramic window films and Low-E films, while similar in the advantages they present homeowners, differ in the way they manage sunlight. Crafted with a thin polyester or polymer film coated by ceramic particles, these coatings are designed to prevent heat loss during winter months. Instead of radiating interior warmth out through windows as it usually would do, these films ensure that such energy is captured in rooms for optimal comfort levels all year round.

Ceramic window film is a two-in-one solution that not only blocks out external heat but also helps keep interior temperatures regulated year-round. With its subtle appearance, ceramic solar films bring a touch of beauty to any San Francisco home while simultaneously blocking UV rays and preserving furniture & floor fading – all the while reducing utility costs! Low-E windows offer these same benefits with a more natural appearance, yet both are sure to make your home comfortable in summer and winter alike.

Solar Window Specialist in San Francisco

Are you looking for the best window film brands to control solar energy? Look no further! All of our installation specialists are well-trained and can guide customers on making informed decisions based on their individual needs. We don’t just provide top-quality products, but we offer free consultations too – all it takes is one call from you to schedule a complimentary appointment at your home or business in town. Get in touch with us now!

Angus got his start in the window tinting industry shortly after he moved to San Francisco from his home in Scotland. Almost immediately after moving, he noticed the significant impact that sunlight and weather had on homes and buildings in the area. During his research, he stumbled across window film as a solution for controlling the climate and atmosphere in indoor spaces. Now, Angus has been working in the window tinting industry for over ten years and has installed window film on all types of properties in the San Francisco area, ranging from office buildings, retail stores, and schools to apartments and single family homes. His expertise and product knowledge on the various types of security, energy saving, and decorative window film on the market give him the ability to select the perfect solution for every property based on the unique needs of the building itself as well as the building owner.