Do you manage a government building? These properties generally are housed in older property types making maintenance something you’ll need to prioritize over new builds. For these government properties, you face a variety of unique challenges including budget constraints, productivity needs, and guest comfort. In order to achieve all of these priorities, you’ll need an effective solution that’s within budget. Window film delivers an incredible investment that you can benefit from. Here are three preferred government building window film options for the San Francisco area.

Government Building Window Film Option Benefits for San Francisco

  • Multi-purpose energy conservation window film: Energy conservation window film offers a wealth of benefits that would be ideal for government buildings. Enjoy leading energy savings, glare reduction, and UV protection all from one product. This energy-saving window film can help improve the comfort and productivity of your government building.
  • Daylight redirecting window film: For additional energy savings, daylight redirecting window film is a great option for reducing lighting costs. This unique product redirects natural sunlight as deep as 40 feet into your property. Studies show other exclusive benefits like decreased absentee rates and improved morale.
  • Safety and security window film: There are various security film options available for you to choose from, ranging from standard to specialty like ballistic resistance. Based on your property type, you can find the right security investment for defending against a variety of threats.

Work With San Francisco’s Leading Government Building Window Film Expert

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