Have you noticed the hefty vandalism occurring in your Bay area transit lines? Whether it’s graffiti or vandalism left behind by abrasive tools, is this a developing problem throughout your buses, trains, cable cars, and street cars? Are your mirror, metal, and glass surfaces all compromised by the heavy amount of users leaving their mark on your property? We’ve got the perfect solution for all Bay area transit agencies– Graffiti Shield. Graffiti Shield has created an entire line of anti-graffiti and vandalism prevention films to protect your mirrored, metal, and glass surfaces!

Benefits of Mirror, Metal, and Glass Shield for Bay Area Transit Agencies

No matter what component is being vandalized in your public transportation vehicles, we’ve got you covered. Mirror Shield, Metal Shield, and Glass Shield are all thick anti-graffiti films created to protect each intended surface while seamlessly mimicking it. Bay area transit agencies all agree that replacing any mirrored, metal, or glass pieces in their vehicles, bus stops, or transit lines are often costly and out-of-the-budget. Vandalism often destroys your professional image, lowering your presentation and cleanliness. With each and every one of these revolutionary films, you’ll pay a quarter of the price of replacement while lowering overall maintenance costs and repair time.

Once installed, damaged mirrored, metal, or glass surfaces appear brand new and are protected from any further damage. If the film itself gets vandalized, all you have to do is replace the film- not the original surfacing, saving you hundreds!

Graffiti Shield Installation in Bay Area Transit

Our local team of window film experts can install these anti-graffiti films within the hour. Installation is quick with relatively no down time, meaning you don’t have to lose out on business. Our experts treat your surfaces with a special adhesive, making it impossible for the general public to remove these films but easy for us to remove without leaving any residual adhesive.

Call today to schedule a consultation on how our Graffiti Shield line can save any Bay area transit agency thousands in repair and replacement costs: (415) 289-5750