Have you ever noticed little marks, icons, or graphics on glass walls or elements on commercial properties? These actually serve a specific purpose for helping prevent accidents by helping alert those on the premises that a glass structure is there. These little marks or designs are referred to as safety distraction marks. They’re actually required by law as a part of commercial building code. There are a few ways to add safety distraction marks: custom glass, glass decals, and window film. Window film offers the most cost-effective and versatile solution for getting your San Francisco property up to code.

The Benefits of Window Film Safety Distraction Marks for San Francisco Commercial Properties

Safety distraction marks are a great way to keep everyone safe and aware on your property. While these are required by law, the design aspect is not dictated, giving property owners the opportunity to brand them the way they want. From custom logos to beautiful design work, anything can be used as a safety distraction marker. Privacy decorative films can be utilized for privacy concerns as well as a distraction marker for conference rooms, partitions, and more. Custom printing and design are available to help improve your branding and marketing. Window film can be used to achieve virtually any look, providing endless possibilities.

Work with San Francisco’s Number One Source for Window Film Safety Distraction Marks

San Francisco Window Film has the largest selection of privacy and decorative films. We also provide premium custom printing so you can create any safety distraction marker for your property. Work with our design experts to achieve your goals, bring your property up to code, and keep everyone safe. We provide free on-site consultations and would love to help with your next project.

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