San Francisco is renowned for having one of the most expensive real estate markets in the United States. With the average home price of $1.61 million, finding ways to protect your property is highly significant. While security cameras and security systems are definitely highly-capable solutions, they, unfortunately, don’t cover all the bases when it comes to home security. Safety and security window film produces effective results offering comprehensive protection against numerous threats.

Benefits of Safety and Security Window Film for Your San Francisco Home

Safety and security window film is an innovative specialty window film that adds both durability and flexibility to your existing glass. Protect the most vulnerable areas of your home by installing window film. Safety and security window film can defend your San Francisco home from natural disasters, burglaries, home invasions, freak accidents, and much more. This security option works by bonding broken glass together in order to mitigate broken glass and flying debris hazards. Did you know that broken glass is actually the leading cause of death and significant injury during a high impact event? Protect you and your loved ones from life-threatening hazards with safety and security window film. During a high impact event, security film provides precious time for your family to hide or escape.

Installation Process for Safety and Security Window Film in San Francisco Homes

San Francisco Window Film is the number one source for residential safety and security window film in the San Francisco area. We’ve provided our award-winning security window film services for numerous residences ensuring property security. Our security experts are happy to meet with you for a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific security and window film needs. Installations are always stress-free and timely, ensuring your family is covered.

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